Private Field For Rent In 30 Minute Or 1 Hour Slots!

Worried about letting your dogs off their leads in a public area, dogs which are shy, nervous or aggressive around other dogs and people?

Have you got a new dog or a rescue dog and need a space to bond and get to know each other? A dog trainer / behaviour specialist looking for a safe space to host classes and / or training sessions?

Then At Bertie’s Field we offer a secure dog exercise field in Market Weighton for sole use for you and your dog(s) with peace of mind that you are in a safe, enclosed field ideal for all the above and more.

The field is 5 acres in size (split into two 2 acre runs) surrounded by a 2m high secure deer fence with rabbit netting overlapping at the bottom to stop even the smallest dog jump, squeeze, scramble or dig their way out of the field. 

Parking is provided on a hard surface onsite through a dedicated access, directly off Beverley Road.

We are open from 6am until 9 pm, seven days a week.